Can see from the historical record, Last kings Snapback defense the best team Indiana Pacers (hit rate of 25.6%, averaging free throws 7), Golden State Warriors (31.8% hit rate averaged free-throw 9.75 ), Los Angeles Lakers Last kings Snapback (37.5% hit rate, averaging eight free throws), Los Angeles Clippers Last kings Snapback (hit rate of 40%, averaging 6 free throws), Memphis (40% hit rate, averaged 7.3 free throws), Boston Celtics (41.7% hit rate, averaging 7.5 free throws), Supreme Snapbacks (42.2% hit rate, averaging free throws 8). The same point of these teams are very strong wing player, and the inside is not weak, while Last kings Snapback also did not play a very good effect.

In fact, the problem is not so much the Last kings Snapback Achilles heel, as it is all scorers bane of. Rocket to solve this problem is only one way is to let someone else carry the important task of Last kings Snapback, Last kings Snapback have more air when the operation to carry out another attack, after all, Last kings Snapback itself is also a good shooter. With the rocket mature, increasingly grow up with Jeremy Lin, Parsons et al, I believe that the next season, the Rockets will not let Last kings Snapback and suffered so much embarrassment.


the situation has become calm, we regained some control, it is very good Last kings Snapback

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Last kings Snapback

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Last king Snapback

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